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Fighter Style Knives

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Carbon Fighter


This is a carbon fighter made from 1084 steel.The Blade is 9" long. The OAL is 14 1/8". The guard and spacer are 416 Stainless Steel.The handle is Desert Ironwood. This knife comes with a Kenny Rowe Sheath and zippered case.

Carbon Fighter with Desert Ironwood


This Fighter has a 6 1/2" blade made from 5160 high carbon steel. The handle is Desert Ironwood. The Guard and Ferrule are made from 416 Stainless, and the spacer is Silicone Bronze. This knife comes with a Kenny Rowe Sheath, and a custom Zippered Case.

Photo by Chuck Ward

Carbon Steel Fighter


This is a Carbon Steel Fighter, made from 5160 steel. The guard and pins are 416 stainless steel, the ferrule is silicon bronze.the handle is Desert Ironwood.The Blade is 9" long. The knife is 14 1/2"
long. This knife comes with a sheath made by Kenny Rowe.

Photo by Chuck Ward

Damascus Valhalla Fighter


This is a hand forged Damascus Fighter with 156 layers of 1084 & 15n20 high carbon tool steel with a Dog Star pattern. This knife has a frame handle with Elephant Ivory scales. The blade is approximately 6 1/4 inches long. The guard and ferrule are 416 Stainless. The knife is about 11 1/4 inches long overall. This knife comes with a Kenny Rowe sheath and zippered case.

Photo By Chuck Ward



This Fighter is forged from high carbon 5160 steel. It has a stainless steel guard, pins, and fileworked ferrule. The clip point blade is 6 3/16 inches long with a hand rubbed finish. The overall length is 11 inches. The handle is maple with a single fingergroove. Zippered case is included.

Photo by Chuck Ward.

Damascus Fighter


This Damascus fighter is made from 5160 & 15n20 high carbon steel. The guard, buttcap, and pins are stainless steel. The handle is africian Blackwood. The blade is about 5 1/2" long with an overall length of about 10". This knife comes with a Kenny Rowe sheath.